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Bunting out at royal street parties across Wales

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Streets parties, a picnic in a castle, a parade and a church service were just some of the Coronation events happening across Wales today.

Some celebrated the first Coronation of their lifetime while a few recalled the last crowning of a monarch.

In Wrexham a few said they were not interested and were still celebrating the city's football promotion.

At St Davids Cathedral, Pembrokeshire, prayers were said for the new King.

"Not many countries have a monarchy so I think it's amazing that we do," said Kerry Williams, 36, at a street party in the Heath area of Cardiff.

"I watched it all, I'm a big fan," she said. "Yes there's a lot of money gone into it, but it's something to celebrate."

On St Aidans Crescent, also in Heath, street parties are a tradition going back to 1967, said Emma Gammon, who helped to organise this year's event.

"We're carrying on that tradition," she said. "Any excuse to get the kids out, enjoying themselves. They'll have lots of great memories, that's what it's all about really isn't it?

"It's a nice excuse to bring everyone together and do some stuff for the community."

"We just thought we'd take the opportunity to connect with the neighbours," said Laxmi Vaghani, 30, from a street party in the Grangetown area of Cardiff.

"I think it was really great to see the celebrations," she said.

"We saw a lot of parallels with some of the ceremonies in our culture, which was lovely."

Renata Harmsworth, who helped to organise the event said she was "absolutely loving it".

"Everyone is having a great time," she added.

People were also rolling out their picnic blankets onto the grass at Cardiff Castle.

Leya, eight, said she wanted to wear a crown for the picnic like the King.

"I liked watching him get crowned because it was my first time watching a coronation," she said.

Jacqueline Roberts said a sunny Sunday in Cardiff "made up for" the poor weather on the day of the Coronation.

"I was 12 when the last Coronation happened so it was on a little tiny screen," she recalled.

"This time it was glorious."

But plenty of people in Wrexham had something other than the Coronation on their minds.

"I'm not interested whatsoever to be honest," said Tammy Marley.

"I don't see the big deal about it. No-one's really interested. No-one's done anything big for it.

"We're more excited about the football parade the other day, that's taken over."

Liam Jones, 27, said he watched the Coronation for "about 10 minutes" but had "no real interest in it".

"A lot of the views of the people I know is that, we don't really need [the Royal family]."

Caroline Ellis from Chester said: "I have nothing against the royal family, but it's just not my cup of tea. Honestly, I don't know anything about it".

A parade though Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, included tractors and belly dancers.

Mum Eliza Hogg, wearing a "red coat" dress, brought her her baby Monty dressed as King Charles and daughter Millie as Queen Camilla.

"We just thought it would be a lovely thing for all the kids to do," she said. "Just a great bit of fun to mark such a momentous occasion."

In Pembrokeshire, a Coronation service of thanksgiving was held at St Davids Cathedral, with prayers for the new King and Queen.

The service was attended by the Lord-Lieutenant of Dyfed, Sara Edwards, who also gave a scripture reading.

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